The starting point for the interactive portion of my thesis investigation was the challenge of trying to develop a method for visually analyzing news content that could run parallel to the textual and semiotic analysis posted on the re:constructions web site published by MIT's Comparative Media Studies Department on the 17th of September, 2001.

From that starting point, my investegation evolved over four phases. Phase I began with a period of experimentation as I tried to develop and test potential methods for analyzing visual news content. Phase II involved refining the theoretical and conceptual framework of my investigation. During Phase III, I began to design and develop an interactive prototype.

The prototype that emerged at the end of Phase IV is designed for use as a teaching resource that could be mapped onto existing, introductory, college-level media studies curriculums. It was designed to provide students with an interactive method for building visual literacy and media literacy skills through exploring the role that visual language elements play in shaping the presentation of information in news content.

This prototype is a partially functional interface.
To see which interfaces have been built out and are working in this version of the prototype, please refer to the Prototype_Matrix.pdf document. All active interfaces are indicated by

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